What to wear

A light pullover for October evenings, shorts/ jeans/ track-pants with a t-shirt during the day. Warmer jackets are essential as the temperature deeps in December and January. While trekking in the forest, tuck your pants into your socks to avoid leeches.

Eco Camp is well-marked on the tourism map of Assam

"Potasali's delightful Eco Camp organizes all Nameri visits, including two-hour ornithological rafting trips. Accommodation is in 'tents' with colorful fabrics, but private bathrooms, sturdy beds and thatched-roof shelters make the experience relatively luxurious. A bigger 'tent' offers great value dorm beds and there's an atmospheric open-sided restaurant. At dawn, walk 1.3 km to the idyllic Bhoroli riverbank, above which rise horizons of forested foothills crowned by a line of white-topped horizon peaks."  --Lonely Planet

 A Gateway for Nature Lovers and Bird Watchers 

Things To Do --

  • ​​Raft down the Jia Bhoroli river. If you are lucky you might spot wildlife right from the rubber dinghy. Our experienced boatmen from the surrounding villages will be happy to find you a safe spot to enjoy the water.

  • Go bird watching around Nameri, rich with over 370 species of birds.

  • Visit the Pygmy Hog Conservation Center right next door for a rare glimpse of the endangered species.

  • Explore the villages. The friendly Assamese and Mising folk are quick to welcome you to their homes for a glimpse of their lifestyle.

When to go

November to May is peak season, the best time for boat trips down the river and treks into the sanctuary. Reservations are essential! While the camp is open throughout the year, river rafting and trekking are not permitted during the rainy season (June to October).

Eco Camp Nameri

Assam Bhoreli Angling and Conservation Association